Chronicles of the ‘Demoness’

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Part 2 of 3

A large library

Obvious exits: south
It is shadowy here.

[/color] [/b]
This large, open room has several massive oak bookshelves lining its walls.
Each shelf stretches from floor to the high ceiling and boasts many volumes of
books on diverse subjects. Large windows on two sides allow outdoor light to
enter. The furnishings are of good quality and appear to be well-maintained.
This area is very large with a very high ceiling.

[/color] [/b]
A brown satchel is nearby to the northwest.
A tree branch is nearby to the northwest.
A tree branch is nearby to the west.
A woman with sharpened teeth is standing nearby to the northwest.
Etheya is sitting down on a large leather chair nearby to the northwest.
A library table is nearby to the northwest.
A rich leather couch is nearby to the northwest.

A woman with sharpened teeth looks at you.

You lift your hand slowly, pulling back your cloak hood.

You are moving a few strands of her black hair waving gently in her face.

Etheya looks up from the arrow in her hand and sees you, "Ahoy ma Lady!"

You nod to a woman with sharpened teeth, turning to face Etheya.

Etheya puts a crude wooden arrow into a brown satchel.
Etheya retires her metal dagger to her short leather sheath.

A woman with sharpened teeth says "Guess ya'll know each other."

You lift back a length of black hair, responding calmly "Hello dear."

Your soft face forms a smile.

You say "Finally, we find a way to cross Etheya."

Giving a woman with sharpened teeth a nod, Etheya smiles at you, "Ye got ma
letter, aye?"
Etheya looks at you.

You lift back your head slighty "And who is your friend?"

You give slight, stiff nod to Etheya.

Etheya gestures toward a woman with sharpened teeth as she replies to you,
"This is ma mate, Susannah."

A woman with sharpened teeth says "Hiya."

(Name woman as Susannah)

You smile warmly.

You say "Good to meet you.."

Susannah grins.
Susannah asks "And ye are?"

You hold your hand on your chest "Eventa Seris Tir.."

You continues, your voice more friendly "You may call me Seris."

Your eyes roll up for a moment.

You say "The secret is out."

Susannah says "'s a nice name ye got."
You wink at Susannah.

Susannah says "Nice 'n long."

Susannah grins at seris.
Susannah says "Heh."
Etheya looks from you to Susannah with a faint smile.

You bite your bottom lip, your view on Etheya again "Were you paid?"

Etheya shakes her head at you, shifting her weight on the chair. "Ach, no. I
never did nothing ta be paid fer... I wasn't disloyal, miss. I wasn't."

Your right eye squints sightly.

You say "I do not claim disloyalty, but fear in light of the events which
unfolded dear.."

Etheya listens intently to you.

You continues, your voice dropping to a cold tone "You are correct, payment is
not deserved.. you -left- my horse to die."

You rub your pointer finger over your bottom lip slowly.

Etheya's shoulders slump, "Ach, I couldn't go back there, miss! I couldn't!"

Susannah asks "Etheya, what happened?"

Etheya exclaims "Everytime I leave the city, somethin' bad happens!"

You say "I assure you, the fears of the running do not out weight the fears of
the destination.. you will work to repay me for my loss"."

Your jaw flexes.

You repeat "You will work to repay my loss!"

Etheya leans forward in a large leather chair as she nods twice, "Aye, miss. I
will! I didn't mean fer it ta die!"

You take a long breath, peering towards Etheya.

Etheya says to Susannah, "I told ye aboot the hawk... well, I was supposed ta
be takin' care of her horse. An I ran away."

You slowly walk to a rich leather couch, a few strands of her black hair waving
gently in her face.
You sit down on a rich leather couch.

You run your limp hand, two fingers extended, rubbing them on the arm of a rich
leather couch.

Susannah says "Oh."
Susannah asks "Why didn't you ride the horse?"

You lift out your hand, palm up "Yes Etheya, tell us the whole story."

Etheya sighs heavily as she leans back in a large leather chair again, "I
never... meant fer the horse ta die, miss."

You force a smile "The road to oblivion is lined with good intentions."

Susannah sits down on a large leather chair.

You say "But I trust your innocents."

Pointing off to the west, Etheya explains, "I was goin' ta take care of the
horse when a lot of bad things happened. I was bleedin' scared.. animals never
talked back ta me before!"

You bark back sharply "Lower your voice."

Etheya nods solemnly at you and says much more quietly, "Bloody corpses
everywhere.. maggots. It was 'orrible."

Susannah asks "Corpses?"

Etheya nods to Susannah.

You say "Purpose will has joined the others, she'll be replaced."

Etheya says to Susannah, "I didn't tell ye aboot the part after the hawk spoke
ta me. It killed a crow... and.. raven's flew into the cabin. It was awful. I
ran so fast an I didn't even look back."

You cut in "What are you good with Etheya?"

Etheya says to you, "Good wi'? A' in like wot I can d'? I'm an apprentice

Susannah says "She made this beautiful bow for me."

You look at Etheya.
She is a female human with slanted pale yellow eyes, pleated blackish-red hair,
scarred dusky skin, off-white teeth, and a small nose. She is slightly short,
about your weight, and seems to be about as strong as you. She is sitting down
on a large leather chair here looking well rested.

She is wearing a gold chain bracelet around her right wrist, a violet cotton
shawl over her back, a wicker backpack on her back, a soft leather boot on her
left foot, a soft leather boot on her right foot, a yellow leather dress on her
body, a leather canteen strapped across her torso, a beaded feather earring in
her ear, and a quartz necklace around her neck.
A belt pouch, an iron hanger, a leather moneybag, and a short leather sheath
with a metal dagger in it hang from a leather belt around her waist.

Etheya smiles at Susannah.
Susannah grins unevenly.

You get off a rich leather couch.
You open a wicker backpack.

You examine a wicker backpack.
This is a large, rectangular wicker basket, with a leather cover hanging open
from its mouth. A pair of leather straps have been attached to one of its
faces. It appears to be in perfect condition. It is being worn on your back.
It contains:
a stone goblet, a sharpened silver dagger, a glass bottle, a bone die, and a
few crude lock picks

You close a wicker backpack.

You glance down at the ground next to her before looking up to Etheya.

You remove a wicker backpack.

You extend your wicker backpack out towards Etheya "Its time we had a word,
and time you started a bit more."

You nod gently to Susannah "If you could excuse this one dear?"

Etheya looks up at you, a confused look on her face.

(Rate good ic Etheya)
Rating completed.

Susannah looks to Etheya.

Etheya says to Susannah, "Aye, its all right, mate. Take the satchel an I'll
meet up wi' ye later."

Susannah examines a brown satchel.

You tilt your head, staring past a few lengths of back hair.

Susannah takes a brown satchel.
Etheya stops leading.
Susannah says "Okay."

You are now leading Etheya.

Etheya gets off a large leather chair.

Susannah says "'til then."

Etheya slowly walks to you, her stride bouncy and light.
Etheya stops in front of you.
Etheya nods to Susannah.
Susannah springs off a large leather chair.
Susannah jogs to the south, brandishing a brown satchel and slightly small
wooden bow.

Susannah goes out of sight to the south.

You give a wicker backpack to Etheya.

You slowly walk to the south, a few strands of her black hair waving gently in
her face.
Etheya begins to slowly walk off to the south, holding a wicker backpack, her
stride bouncy and light.


Black Alley

Obvious exits: south
This place is well lit and warm.

[/color] [/b]
Black Alley is a wide, dark street paved with crushed black stone. The alley
runs north and south within the city. This is the northern end of the alley.
There is a small muddy ditch on the east side of the street, which is lined
with grass. To the north stands a single house, constructed of wattle and
daub, and to the west is a vacant lot, covered in tall grass.
This area is large. The air is eerily still.

[/color] [/b]
Etheya is standing right next to you.
A housecat with light brown fur is standing close by to the northwest.

Etheya looks around the alley, eyes lighting on the muddy ditch. "Miss...
what're we doin' in here? Most highborns like yerself dunna d' into the

Keror sets in the east.

Etheya gazes up into the sky.

You smile softly.

You say "Yes, and even the darkest scum avoids such a place.."

You hear the splashing sound of a creature entering the water in the ditch to
the east.

Etheya starts standing in the middle of the alleyway.

You roll your quartz necklace in your fingers.

You say "You will learn more than I should tell you.."

Etheya tilts her head curiously, asking you, "Ach aye?"

You continues, your tone sounding tired "Because I can trust that you are not
only one of her word, since you told me you would speak to no one, but you are
one of fear.. a fear for death."

You lick your teeth quickly, a cold stare fixed on Etheya.

Etheya scrunches up her nose briefly as she replies, "Oi, miss, only one of the
devil's kind would n'a ha' run from tha' cabin in tha' chaos."

You say "You can carry value in my life, by doing that what I ask of you, our
trust will grow and your options will increase."

You say "Once I feel you have -paid- your debt, it will be my turn to return the
favor dear Etheya."

Nodding rapidly at you, Etheya agrees, "I didn't mean fer Purpose ta die. I
love animals. I'll pay ye back, I promise."

You clench your fist, holding it out towards Etheya "I will not even take the
time to breath before I crush you, if you speak a word of our agreement, or
speak a word of my words to you.. -ever-."
You force a smile, your black eyes intensely on Etheya.

Etheya flinches, stepping backwards. She nods at you, a frown forming on her
face, "Aye, I won't tell anyone, miss."

You say "And before that breath is taken, I will also take such actions if you
do not do as I ask.. regardless of it's ill will for your emotions or fear"."

You asks, little to no emotion in your voice "Do you understand?"

You say "I will only say this once."

Etheya nods mutely at you.

Etheya gazes up into the sky.

Galemon sets in the east.

You speak softly, directly at Etheya "My purpose is for the blood father, I
will only commit my actions in the name of the life that -they- will have

Etheya looks down at the ground, over at the house, and then back down again,
listening quietly.

You say "So many of us fear so much, starting with death, though it is a
journey as my father once told me.. a journey to join with the 'Tyrant' and to
strengthen his purpose"."

Etheya says to you, "I ha'na a bloody clue wot yer talkin' aboot, miss."

You smile "Listen then, and perhaps the pieces will come together."

Etheya nods solemnly and falls silent.

You say "Perhaps hours, perhaps days, perhaps weeks, months or even years.."

You say "When the time is right."

You say "Those of the city will run frantic, with fear and value for their
lives and the lives of their children.. you will claim our being together
during the time far away in the isles if my name is spoken.."

You ask "Is that clear enough?"

Etheya looks up, asking plainly, "That's wot ye want me ta d' ta repay ye? I
thought ye wanted me ta work for ye.. Ye know, wi' me hands."

You respond quickly "I am not done."

Etheya nods, falling silent once more.

You say "I will ask two more things for now.."

You take a quick breath "Make me a table, large and strong."

You say "Strong enough to hold -bodies-."

A large floating cloud passes over, casting its shadow on the road.

You grins, a crazed stare on Etheya.

You ask "Is this to much to ask?"
Yuzla sets in the east.

You squints, lifting your arm to shadow your face.

Etheya shakes her head rapidly back and forth, stepping backwards, "A table
tha' is strong enough ta hold a body?? I don't.. Ach. -corpses-?"
Etheya shivers violently, "I dunna want ta know anymore. I'll make the table,
just.. stop."

You nod once.

You say "Secondly.."

You say "You do -exactly- as I ask."

Etheya says "Aye, I will. I dunna like tha' Purpose died because of me. I owe
ye an I'll repay ma debt."

You say "You will meet me in just a few minutes, the southeastern wall of the

You say "A key will be given to you.."

You close a leather moneybag.

You extend your hand.

You say "The bag please."

Etheya looks down into her hand, staring confusedly at her wicker backpack,
"Ach, I forgot..."
Etheya gives a wicker backpack to you.

You wear a wicker backpack.

You ask "Do you know how to get up on the city walls?"

Etheya shakes her head.

You make a thoughtful noise.

Etheya exclaims "Ach, aye, I d'!"

You nod.

Etheya says "In the staging grounds."

You say "Yes."

Etheya nods to herself.

You say "You will be handed a key.."

You ask "Take this key, immediately to the inn, the one off of market street..
you know the one?"

Etheya asks "I know the Dark Horse Tavern, is tha' the one?"

You continues, quietly "Yes."

Etheya nods to you.

You say "There is a room, a private one, at the south end of the inn, behind
the bar."

You ask "Are you remembering all of this?"
Etheya says "Aye, I am."

You say "Unlock the door with the key, you will find a stone Etheya.."

You say "Hidden in the room."

Etheya nods solemnly at you, "All right, I can d' this."

You say "You will take the stone, exit and lock the door, then you will find
one the one named Dage, who I previously spoke of in my letter.."

You say "Give him the key, and the stone, telling him only these words.."

You are moderately thirsty.

You fold your hands together "Eventa knows of Kol, the barrier has been broken,
she sends love."

Etheya grins briefly, "Aye, I know Dage. Ye married him - fed him owl meat ta

You say "The stone will represent good faith of the words you speak to him,
give him the key and the stone, and then walk away.. speaking -nothing more- of
the event."

You lift a single finger over your lips "Shh."

You ask "Do you understand?"

You fold black hair behind your ear.

Etheya taps her nose knowingly, "Aye, no need ta let everyone know ye fed it ta
him." She nods twice, replying, "Aye, I understand, an I'll d' it."

You say "Then to the southeastern corner of the city wall, wait there."


Back room

Obvious exits: north
This place is well lit and warm.

This room appears to be used as a private retreat. It is sparsely furnished,
but neat and relatively clean. The walls are painted an off-white color, and
decorated in places with a few small murals. A generous layer of dried straw
covers most of the floor, which consists of bare earth that has been compacted
and smoothed to form a firm surface.
This area is slightly large.
An iridescent stone is on the ground, far back against the wall under a feather
A wooden table is right next to you.
A glowing stone lantern is close by to the northeast.
A feather bed is close by to the west.


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