Where do I start?

03 Dec 2003 15:49 #8192 by Jayess
Where do I start? was created by Jayess
When I started playing AL, I didn't have a clue what to do. I was familiar with (Hack 'n' Slash) MUDs, but AL's realism left me adrift in a new world with no clear goals and no idea what was expected of me. I spent my early times exploring, poking my head into whatever I could find, and (thanks to what I later found out was the newbie shield) staying out of trouble. I was accustomed to MUDs that forced you to explore newbie dungeons while gradually upgrading your equipment and gaining levels. I had no prior experience with a level-less/class-less system. On my previous MUDs, RolePlay was something that was infrequent and poorly done.

As an new player to AL, where do you start? How do you become comfortable with the way things work? It goes without saying that reading and understanding helpfiles is the most important thing you can do, especially when you consider that AL is more advanced code-wise than most MUDs you may be used to. Initially, you'll need to become familiar with the user interface so you can move your character about, eat and drink, manipulate objects, and generally do the things that keep your character alive. Later, you will need to learn about AL's naming system, emote systems, and familiarize yourself with the list of verbs.

Once you become comfortable with the basic commands, you'll find that AL has all the tools you need to present a believable character to any other player-character you might happen to meet. Any race you might play has certain theme associated with it; history, culture, manners, etc. It is your responsibility to find out as much about your race's habits as you can, and roleplay your character within that framework. You can converse with, and observe the habits of NPCs with the goal of trying to pick up generalities from their speech and behavior that you might model your own character's personality upon. Cities built and inhabited by a particular race contain many clues to the racial mindset and history that an observant player can incorporate into their own roleplay. Finally, some races have access to library books (or something simpler) full of tales, lore, and anecdotes that can point a player in the right direction.

AL is a roleplay MUD. If you, as an AL-newbie, learn the basic commands and give yourself a good foundation of knowledge on which to base your roleplay, everything else will follow in time. Skills will always be there for you to play around with, but inadequate roleplay will hold you back and reduce your enjoyment and opportunities more than anything else.

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04 Dec 2003 05:35 #8193 by Drake
Replied by Drake on topic Re: Where do I start?
Well written. I must say, that is some very good advice.

Skills and attributes are nothing compared to a well roleplayed character.

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15 Dec 2003 22:03 #8194 by khaos
Replied by khaos on topic Re: Where do I start?

'Tis true.
Not to try and take away from what you wrote but once a body has aquired decent RP skills then the IC skills can and will (depending on the individual of course) serve to make the RP of even better quality and more enjoyable as well.

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