Roleplay DOs and DON'Ts

02 Jun 2004 06:47 #8120 by Jayess
DOs - a few things to consider that might add some spice to your roleplay.

Learn how to direct part of an emote at a particular player or NPC using the tilde operator, how and when to use pemote, and how to add speech to an emote. The help file doesn't mention it, but you can add speech to your emote by enclosing it in "quotes".
Example: emote looks at ~uglygoblin and says, "You are easy on the eyes."
Currently, you can't add speech to a pemote command.
Related help files: help emote, help pemote.

Learn how to add an accent to your speech. The game provides built-in accents, but some players are quite accomplished at crafting their own accents in text and this breathes realism into their character.
Related help files: help accent.

Take some time to read the descriptions of all your character's equipment. Learn something about the equipment your character uses, and the activities your character takes part in. If your character cuts down a lot of trees, learn the basics of swinging an axe. If your character wears a bracer, learn what it is. Using what you've learned, throw an interesting emote into the midst of all the crafting spam. If your character wears a sarong, you may have to emote differently than a player whose character wears leather pants.
Related help files: ...use a dictionary, or type whatis <word> to get some definitions of a word.

DON'Ts - things that might have crept into your roleplay during a moment of weakness.

There's no need to call attention to another player's typo. Don't use someone's typing mistake as a way of needling them. Likewise, don't call attention to your own typo. If you type, "good tomeet you", everyone present knows it's a typo; there's no need to use the OOC-typo command. Reserve that command for when there is some ambiguity in what you've typo'd. If you mistakenly type, "I'm going to kill him." when you meant to type, "I'm going to kiss him." then it may be a good idea to use the OOC-typo command.
Related help files: help ooc (player commands).

Avoid speaking in code. Saying that [some recently-deceased character name] is your father or big brother is simply a way to let others know your OOC history. Saying "I was chasing him, and he ran into the next room and just disappeared in a very mysterious way." as a way of complaining about someone's habit of logging off when confronted just takes questionable OOC behavior and introduces it into the game world.
Related help files: help twink.

Please don't get crazy just because you haven't named another character. There's nothing more refreshing than an unknown character who doesn't seem desperate to learn your name. You can find out their name when courtesy calls for it, not immediately after meeting.
Related help files: help name.

The interracial language barrier adds realism to the game. Don't use tricks to get around it. If necessary, you can always learn another race's language or resort to tradespeak. A fair number of players don't like tradespeak and refuse to use it. Don't chastise them for their choice; perhaps they're not traders or have never met a stranger.
Related help files: help language, help tradespeak.

Questions, comments, criticisms, additions?

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02 Jun 2004 12:04 #8121 by Sirius
Replied by Sirius on topic Re: Roleplay DOs and DON'Ts
Thank you Jayess, that is all excelent advice. If you don't mind, I would like to add a few of my observations into it.

Be more realistic with your environment. Walk around town instead of jog. If your going to get a drink of water from a river, you could approach that direction and then take the drink. I thoroughly enjoyed Loseph doing something along those lines at one point.

If you say a word that didn't come out properly in the language you were speaking. Don't try different spellings and such to make it come out and be understandable. Just keep on going like you said it fine. If they want to know the word, they can ask you. It can be real interesting trying to explain a single word to them with several sentences and emotes.

Have more fun with your hunts. Sneak up on animals before you attack them. Walk slowly to them or even crawl. Don't just jog up to them and start an attack. Shout things at them durning combat(if their sentient), or at your friends if they are assisting.
'emote shouts loudly, "Jayess, take the right, I will get the left!"'

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02 Jun 2004 17:29 #8122 by YoKu
Replied by YoKu on topic Re: Roleplay DOs and DON'Ts
Instead of killing them and spamming them for language skills, try to interact with npcs more. Approach them and try to start an actual conversation.(You'll never know what valuable information a NPC contains)

Try to look up some things on your character's race. Learn about your race's distinct hatreds, what they like, what they dislike, and so on. Learning how your race would react towards certain events or act in general can help you come up with some emotes.

Try sparring with actual weapons instead of sticks. Rocks are up for grabs and they tend to make good weapons, if wielded by the right one (I try all kinds of crazy stuff :P). We also have a wide variety of wooden weapons to choose from, to meet your character's needs.

While Crafting
Try to interact with the players and others around you, whenever you are crafting. Instead of pushing the up key and enter every so often, try to throw a few emotes in here and there. Starting an actual conversation or telling how your character's day went.

Murdering(This is where I come in at)
If your going to kill somebody, why not do it in style ;D? Drawing your weapons and rushing at people isn't very appealing to me. If you are some kind of assassian, try sneaking up on the person and killing them, whenever they least expecting it. If you are just plain evil, why not chop their limbs off, whenever your prey is sleeping and drag them off to a distance and wake them and dont forget to bring some canteens filled with saltwater or poison. If your a crazy killer, try saying something that makes or has no meaning what so ever. If you are some sort of holy or peaceful warrior (mercenaries included), don't be scared to show mercy. Yell something like "Maggot!", "The shield!", "For the king(whomever you are under),the people, for Edra", "You sneaky rat!" I would say N'wah(For you morrowind fans **Pokes Sirius**), but maggot is the lowest level we can think of a person as.

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03 Jun 2004 07:57 #8123 by The_Vorpal_Tribble

...try to actually study some magic lore before automatically heading for where your last char knew there were spells.

...make an attempt at RPing trying to read boards or books or whatnot if you are illiterate.


...say you are proud of your aquapurae heritage in front of bramans and mysrrae.

...kill people for having possible spell components on their person that is actually very common, everyday items sold in many respectable NPC shops.

...say you are a braman who has been asked into the king's army. You're not fooling anyone.

...automatically know that someone who is smiling and frowning or dancing around is neccessarily casting magic. Maybe think they are insane, have been stung by a bee, or toss them money for their grace ;)

...keep going insane, sane, insane, sane, and expect people to trust you or stop from attacking you later.

These are just off the top of my head. Will post more.

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13 Jun 2004 07:43 #8124 by Tempus
Replied by Tempus on topic Re: Roleplay DOs and DON'Ts
Interesting. I shall add my own twist to all of this while I am here.


Spend some time and write up your characters background before playing them, not the big flashy parts about "son of gondor the wise, armed with saber tooth the sword" but more importantly the small boring parts which actually contribute to the characters development. the first partner he/she had, the friend who turned out to be a backstabber back in childhood. the names of your parents, siblings your relationships with them and the things they told you (old sayings, I am sure you know a few from reality.) This will help you become your character rather than simply playing a cliche.

Consider what you would do if you were in your characters shoes, this will allow you to make more rational reasonable choices. If you would be scared then be scared. There is no shame in running away from a horrible monster which oozes unspeakable fluids. If you would pick up the moneybag someone accsidently dropped and not tell them (havent we all found some money lying around in reality) then do it

Become your character, when your character is alone for a very long period of time and you thus become bored, play this out with your character, start mumbling or talking to yourself. Become lonely and seek other people out, unless you are a hermit type, in which case develop those little eccentric personalities they tend to have.

Remember the time difference, if you are going to be away for one day then in the game this is a month (so I believe) tell your friends "I will be back by next full moon" or similar references to the passage of time.

Slip emotes in here and there, if you are eating make slurping noises while you do so if you are also trying to talk, yes be disgusting. or if while sparring or in combat so long as its not urgent, slip a little one in here or there.

Remember your clothing and include it in your emotes, if you are going to scratch your head dont forget to remove your hat first, and put something like "reachs up to scratch his head with his gloved fingers".

Realistic things, like going into a tavern and getting drunk with your friends and then oggling the local women, sure it wont improve your stats or skills, but it sure is fun!


Get too attached to your character, death is mearly the beginning of another great adventure.

at a whim change the way your character behaves, your character should behave according to thier own beliefs, ethics, backgrounds and in reaction to enviromental stimuli

tell people their RP sucks, instead try to show them by your own example how it might better be done.

assume that when you see or hear or even FEEL something strange that is is nessesarily magic, if in reality you suddenly felt something strange, or odd weather was around you, it is unlikely you would leap to the conclusion it was cause by magic.

Spend so much time in AL that you feel stagnated or end up bored out of your mind by repetition. try to take a break every so often, play scabble, go outside and breath the fresh air, it will help you to roleplay if you come back refreshed.

get too competitive, "I must raise my skills because everyone else is" the object of the game is to enjoy yourself in a roleplaying enviroment, sure part of the fun is building your skills, but try to achieve some balance between the two.

forget this is only a game, HAVE FUN!


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17 Jun 2004 02:27 #8125 by Tempus
Replied by Tempus on topic Re: Roleplay DOs and DON'Ts
thought up some more

I recently read a post by a player who I wont name, but the jist of it went a little like this. "I found a player fighting an NPC, I named them murderingtroll"


make have your character make assumptions about PC and NPC fights. you as the player KNOW the other player initiated the fight dont you? But how does your character know this? For all your character knows the NPC started the fight, because from your characters point of view the NPC and PC are NO DIFFERENT. Now there are exceptions to this rule, if you see a NPC who is clearly a guard fighting a player, then it is more than likely your character will believe the guards side of the story. If you see a character fighting an NPC who isnt a guard, then do not leap to conclusions, you MAY know the NPC but unless you know the NPC as someone who is unlikely to be in the wrong (ie shop owner, local bar tender, city guard) then do not suddenly scream "You murderer attacking an innocent person" You have no idea who started the fight at least ICly you do not, OOCly YES we know it was the player, but lets be realistic. If you see the PC kill the NPC then you may leap in if your character is motivated to do so, since murdering someone may be morally repugnant to you (depends on the context, and place, it may be common event if the town is a place where murder isnt considered that amazing, (like jamaca etc) and so you wont leap in to defend someone you dont know)

try to see things which could be explained through normal means as magical, so you heard the sky split with thunder or you felt ill momentarily, why is that because of magic, its a cloudy day, it does rain doesnt it? maybe you had a bad kebab?

assume when an NPC is missing they are dead, a lot of people do this and say stuff like "argh murderers are about" perhaps they went to the bathroom, are on holiday or taken ill.

Think in terms of good and evil. Is your character an EVIL character, or a GOOD one. The answer should be neither. Think up your characters beliefs and background and then have your character react as he would in a realistic responce to such events.


try to react to things which you DONT normally see, glowing goblins, Magical effects, general abnormal behaviour. you dont have to react as in KILL the infidel, but magic is prohbited the most likely reaction to seeing a mage is to shuffle away or get the hell out of that area. Magic is to be feared, it is just that in the game it is woefully weak. So try not to attack every magic user you see, try to be afraid once in a while. Fearless characters are horrible cliches.

Get creative, get involved with your character outside the limitations that the mud imposes, write your events up in a log so you can think about how your character would be feeling afterwards and how he/she/it would act next according to the things which have been happening to it.

im probably repeating myself but ENJOY

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