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24 Dec 2004 16:40 #8085 by khaos
Part Time was created by khaos
Would it be possible for one to help with creatorish issues, ie theme, without actually holding such a position?

I ask because a while ago I had applied and the opportunity came up. Apparently, however, I would not be able to play as a character as well and I feel that there is still so much that I have to experience in AL.

So is it feasible to say, write up some history, descriptions, etc. and perhaps submit them to a creator?

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24 Dec 2004 19:23 #8086 by Kuzman
Replied by Kuzman on topic Re: Part Time
Yep. There isn't any one person whose job is to review submissions, so managing to get something in-game is largely a matter of obtaining and holding the interest of your target creator.

Anything detailed would probably best go through mudmail. General ideas are okay for the ideas or balance boards.

If you've got something elaborate in mind, but don't want to bother individual creators, your best bet is the balance board, as it isn't readable by players.

A few things you might want to know.

If some of your work is used, you will be given credit in the file header(s), but no public indication of credit will be given. This would, of course, count in your favor if you later decided to pursue a full-time gig as a creator.

I need to link /doc/OWNERSHIP in the helpfiles, but in the meantime, here's a cut/paste:

Everything programed, written, or otherwise created on Accursed Lands by its creators, players, and administrators becomes the sole property of Accursed Lands. The writer, programer, or creator gives up all rights to and derived from these works. Accursed Lands retains all rights to add to, subtract from, or otherwise alter any work which has been created here.
Any works created before this document are subject to the statements in this document. Those works will be removed from Accursed Lands at the creator's request.
Playing, writing, or creating on Accursed Lands will be considered to be acceptance of this document. Accursed Lands is owned and operated by its administrators.

Written by David Priebe(Elija) on 7/97
-AL Administration


Ah, right. As you'd imagine, not everyone will be wild about unsolicited mail, so it's probably best to mail a synopsis with an example or two first instead of dropping a several hundred page manuscript on someone.

Theme people are best able to advise on theme issues, and code people are best able to advise on code issues.

Do keep in mind that most of us have projects of our own, so finding someone to work on your submission may be difficult.

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24 Dec 2004 21:39 #8087 by ignatius
Replied by ignatius on topic Re: Part Time
from a legal stand point you really do need to get that doc linked to any help files regarding submissions, or someone could come back and say "i didn't give up rights to that" and esp dbl bugger you if the have a copyright on the thing

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