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09 Oct 2006 17:49 #7751 by Cameo
Help with styles... was created by Cameo
I'd appreciate it if someone could post a few style examples,  the settings used for combat with some of the assorted animals around AC.. I've read the files within the helptree, but still find the concept pretty overwhelming, and I'd like some 'personal' advice before I go willy-nilly stabbing things I ought not...
Thanks in advance.

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09 Oct 2006 19:57 #7752 by Aesuna
Replied by Aesuna on topic Re: Help with styles...
Hmmm... styles were challenging for me as well. I don't think I can get into the specifics here, but you can always ask in character. Try finding someone who can instruct you in the ways of combat.

You should probably save each of the extremes (to the right and to the left) and experiment. Oh, and another thing... Animals here tend to have super-amazing-death-strength, for something cute and fluffy, so you'll also want to seek out someone in game that can either hunt with you or tell you what animals you can probably take on.

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04 Dec 2006 14:44 #7753 by Devon Mullane
I wish I had seen this earlier, but if it is not too late, or can help someone later on, I'd like to post what I've come to understand about styles and how the individual pieces link together.

When fighting, a great deal of your ability is dependent upon the skill with the weapon you wield when you attack. Certain factors like parry and daring are more dependent on it than dodge or defense I think. However, once you know having skill with a weapon is invaluable I'll am able to write how the pieces link to each other.

let's start with Aim and Control, since in my opinion, they have less of an effect on the ability to hit your opponent or dodge. Aim affects your ability to control where you hit your opponent, most people will select the head or body since when crippled, is the end of the battle for they who are damaged. Control allows you to redirect damage away from vital areas, or heavily damaged areas. I recommend focusing entirely on whichever one you choose because you can think of these two as your secret 'advantages'. Your can choose to aim your blows or misdirect theirs.

Let's move on to Attack and Defense, because these affect the other parts a lot. It's pretty easy to understand, are you on the attack or the defense? Whichever side you choose will emphasize your daring and offensive and speed, or dodging and parry. This one's levels will probably remain more stationary throughout the battle, think of it as choosing a stance, is the stance an attack stance or a defense stance?

Next we shall examine offensive and dodge. I think of offensive like I think of daring, offensive gets around your opponent's dodges to strike them, dodge obviously tries to get away from oncoming attacks. This is LIKE attack and defense, but think of it as one of two parts of 'on the fly' style. You may find yourself adjusting this as needed at any time, when fighting styles can change you must be prepared to defend against it.

Now we come to Daring and Parry, the second 'on the fly' style. Parry is a second defense, you can try to dodge AND parry, OR just one or the other. If you choose not to parry you can get past your opponent's parries to hit them, and simply dodge their attacks. Parry will try to deflect attacks using your weapon. There are TWO things to note here, parry damages your weapon from taking the impact, and parrying an unarmored limb such as a fist or hoof, will damage your attacker's limb.

Power and Speed, the later is usually a person's strongest I believe. Most people learn how to attack quickly before powerfully I THINK, unless you start out with power skill. This is obvious, and as noted you will probably spend most your time with the slider leaning towards speed. As noted briefly above, I do believe how quick you attack is slightly affected by whether the attack or defense slider is higher. I say this because if you put power to full and defense to full, you will rarely attack compared to power and attack full. Offensive MAY have something to do with it, but I've never noticed a difference.

I've decided that to explain how styles might be used against people or creatures in the game is IC, so I've removed this part of my post.

I hope this is a good, technical review of what your sliders do. You will have to judge what is the best way to go about using them in battle.

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05 Dec 2006 06:26 #7754 by Jayess
Replied by Jayess on topic Re: Help with styles...
Sure would be nice if some master fighter in the game held a clinic that covered these sorts of topics in an in-character way.

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05 Dec 2006 07:00 #7755 by Devon Mullane
Is that a hint? I will remove it if it contains too much IC knowledge, I was trying to approach it from the view of a person looking at the screen. To be honest, style is difficult to discuss IC because you must explain the strategy of battle, much as it would be learned in real life, and then that person must apply those teachings to their style. I will not cite examples or speculate on any type of IC information pertaining, but this is meant to give a person looking at their screen an understanding of what the sliders mean. I do apologize, strategy is a way of life for me, so if you ask me about combat I cannot help but explore the many facets of it. I will 'trim' my post to remove things that may be more ICish than they are meant to be.

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05 Dec 2006 12:54 #7756 by Rashava
Replied by Rashava on topic Re: Help with styles...
I thought some might be too IC when I saw it as well. I do however hope that some of what what is left in the post can remain. I had a very difficult time even as a vetren MU*er after a mentor (The ever lovely Ladyimp) helped me both ooc and later IC when I met her charater.

A post like this would have helped my inital understanding a great deal and saved a lot of frustration. It's probably a little too IC for the forums though (and could gve people who are poor rpers who come to al to cause diress more of an edge they they could other wise get).

I'd personaly like to see the admin trim it down a little more and move it to newbie, leaving just a little information to help with understand but not enough to form any SOILD foundation at first to allow them to make their own ways and discoveries icly.

Just my opinion, though at any rate It's nice to see someone at least trying to help people even if there was mistakes might have been made. hehe.

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