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05 Feb 2007 19:45 #7717 by jmordetsky
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Hola ALers,

I'm a fairly seasoned RPI mudder (about 10 yrs on armageddonmud) and I recently tried to give your mud a spin. I made the account quite some time ago so and then logged back into the middle of the wilderness, so bare with me on these.

1) Where the major population centers? I'm playing in PST and there seems to be about 20 heads on when I'm logged in. Where should I head to find other Rpers?

2) Are there things like clans or factions that I could join up with? I was getting kick out of exploring but there was only so many time I could accidently walking into river and get scrapped by roosters :). (yes I tried to kill a rooster....)

3) What the easiest race/guild combo for a noob?

Anyhow thanks. bye

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05 Feb 2007 20:02 #7718 by procrustes
Replied by procrustes on topic Re: n00b questions
Welcome to AL!  In response to your questions:

1.  RPers can usually be found in or around most of the towns.  Keep looking until you stumble across some.

2.  There are player groups, but you'd have to rp your way into membership, after finding out about them IC.

3.  Race is easy.  Humans, I think, make a good first character, if for no other reason than relative ease of rp.  I mean...we've all got experience being human, right?  If you've already got a different race on you, worry not.  Explore and enjoy, and keep your race's theme in mind.  I don't think there are guilds in the sense that you're using the word...no levels, no classes.  So whatever it is your character would like to do, chances are he'll be able to do it...eventually, after lots of practice.

The best advice I have is read, read, read.  There's a -ton- of material in the helpfiles and on the website.  Digesting some largish chunks of it will help you get into the mindset.  I myself usually take a few days with a new character, in isolation, to craft its personality before I interact with anyone.  It might be a good thing for you to do the same while you look for other people.  (Though if you're still not done, don't let that stop you!)

Come to think of it, reading is only the second-best advice I have.  The -best- advice is: Have Fun!!!!!   ;D

See you (I hope) around Terrinor!


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06 Feb 2007 00:15 #7719 by ladyimp
Replied by ladyimp on topic Re: n00b questions
Since you logged back in in the wilderness, a few help files might be especially useful to you now... 'help lost' being possibly the most vital, should you still be in the wilderness and with no memory how to find your way back to a town. 'Help wilderness' might make sense too.

Please recall you can 'look direction' before you move. This can be useful in noticing both the savage river ahead, and possibly more aggressive creatures there then roosters too.

Moving with care, assuming that you logged out in a sensible place not 'hopelessly' far from finding society, but that civilization might be in any direction. Go a certain distance in one direction (Possibly moving around things like viscious rivers that might block your path) and then back to where you'd 'started' and try another way. Gradually increase your search area. Note that some terrain may be easier to see through then others, thick trees may block your view, but if you find some elevated terrain you may even be able to see around for some distance.

If you decide that your quest to find civilizarion again is just to much, and more then is fun, check out 'help surrender' and 'help restart'. Hope to see you in play!

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06 Feb 2007 04:45 #7720 by Scourge
Replied by Scourge on topic Re: n00b questions
I just wish to add a little to the angle on guilds and/or clans. They can and do exist, just not in a way supported by game mechanics. They are player-made and player-organized. Same of clans and factions. If it strikes your fancy, you could conceivably write up a plan for and lead your own guild, clan, faction, whatever. Or find one that's already there and try to join. Theme is very important, though, and it's all roleplay. You don't get access to a certain skill set by joining this or that guild. All characters can potentially learn every skill, provided that it is implemented.

It's possible during character creation to end up with skills that can't be used. Some of them are herbalism, crop lore, cooking... and that's all that comes to mind. If you get any of these, use the 'note balance' option in game.

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06 Feb 2007 16:30 #7721 by Blakat
Replied by Blakat on topic Re: n00b questions
Just a quick add to what Ladyimp said, I almost always use the REMIND ME command, if I log off far far away.. by the time I get back on I usually forget where I was, so type REMIND ME <TEXT> (i.e. I AM FAR EAST OF THIS CITY) so when you get back on it pops up.

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10 Feb 2007 18:09 #7722 by Devon Mullane
Replied by Devon Mullane on topic Re: n00b questions
I think it would also be beneficial to write a backstory. I have written quite a few pages pertaining to my character and when I started it was all based upon the information I got from 'recall my history' 'stats' and 'skills'. Perhaps you know how to cook, well that might have been learned as you were travelling with a group of performers where you also did acrobatics which explains why you have such good balance and low intelligence. A lot of people I meet give the 'I came from obscurity!' style background. Well your character IS 22 and even if you go EXACTLY with what the character generation questions as a history, it will at least be more detailed than 'I was a hunter, here I am!'.

That's a starting point, but who taught you? Was it a good or bad experience? Blah blah blah. Since no one KNOWS what happened to your character the twenty-two years before you started it is up to you to fill the role. Is it the truth? Is it lies? Only your character knows for sure. Here's an example:

I was born into a poor family, my mother never had much money so I spent a lot of time helping her with chores. I used to spend most my days fishing, collecting firewood and doing bits of cooking and cleaning. My father died when I was very young but my mother used to tell me stories about him, he was a strong man and so when goblins came to raid our small village he went out to fight them. Unfortunately though the battle was won that day, my father was lost to us forever and I had to step up to take my place as the head of the household. When I got old enough I performed quite a few odd jobs, I never really learned any particular trade, just doing anything someone would pay me for. When I was sixteen my mother grew very ill and needed medicine, I worked as hard as I could to get it for her but it was too late by the time I'd succeeded. I buried her beside my father and sold the house I'd grew up in, taking the money to fuel me as far away as I could go. Eventually I ended up in Banzar and working in the Inn there making beds and serving drinks, but I tire of that lifestyle now and wish to see the world. Thus I have given up on doing that to pursue my true dream, to become a master fighter/whittler/carpenter/stone worker/etc... and purge the world of evil/make great wooden sculptures/build houses for the homeless/carve grand stone pillars/etc...

Anyways, I wrote this without much thought as to it's coherency, hopefully you'll do a better job when you write yours. But you see from this how it gives a new character existance, speaking that they had a life BEFORE the showed up in Edra. Also it does a bit to explain how you came about the skills you may possess, I'd go as far to include bits that may speak of why your stats are as they are, but that might be a bit more advanced. First explain your history, then your skills then your stats. You should explain your history even if it doesn't jive with your skills or stats, though to have a really good backstory you'd want it to have some sense for those as well. Saying you were the smartest person in your village doesn't make you the smartest person in the world and therefore is just as valid as saying you were the strongest. Perhaps you spent time arm wrestling travellers for money, I don't know but it'll be your duty to figure it out! Write!

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