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17 Nov 2004 00:14 #6724 by Luc
I sense the anger rising within you, my young apprentice.

Nonetheless, you've got some valid points, so I'll try to see past the vitriol and respond to your posts in a clear and concise fashion.

Creatorland is understaffed for three reasons: a lack of qualified applicants, a certain tendency to avoid controversy, and a lack of the time necessary to train new applicants properly. We are caught in a sort of extended catch-22: either relaxing our hiring standards or spending the time necessary to come to informed decisions over controversial applicants would necessitate diverting time from newbie training and lead to an overall decrease in quality. This could be resolved if several new creators reached trusted positions, but that takes both time and qualified, non-controversial applicants, which we don't have much of.

It should probably be noted that the qualifications listed in help creatorship are largely subjective in nature (e.g. trustworthiness, "excellent" writing ability, thematic judgment, and so forth), and therefore the opinions of the senior staff generally differ on a given applicant's qualifications and their relative importance. If hiring people was as simple as checking off items on the applicant's resume, we would not need to go through this involved process of screening, interviews, debate among creators, and so forth.

I would not call creatorland "stagnant", at least in the sense of "unproductive", and neither would I call the majority of the staff incompetent. We've turned our attention to things which are less than obvious to players, but which I believe to be more important than releasing new races, weapons, and spells for players to kill each other with.

It's easy to say that the system needs reform; saying so in creatorland is kind of like complaining about the weather in Boston, to borrow a Neal Stephenson analogy. Actually coming up with workable reforms is considerably more difficult, for the reasons, among others, that I have already mentioned.

Our theme, at least regarding the released aspects of the game, is nowhere near undeveloped, though players might think it so. You could easily make a case for "locked up", I'll admit; I agree with you in that we could stand to release more solid background material, and indeed I have made some efforts to do so (the timeline revisions are a good example of this), but my time is limited and I consider more substantial revisions to be of greater importance. You may differ in this opinion, but... no offense... I'm the one with the Web perms.

I will not speak about VT. I will, however, say that you may be working on mistaken assumptions.

I have several thoughts on the rest of your posts, but voicing them would necessitate the release of game mechanics information which I am bound not to release.

Feel free to contact me next time you're online. I think we have much to talk about.

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17 Nov 2004 06:01 #6725 by Namir
Replied by Namir on topic Re: Everything Under the Sun
That last line frightens me. :P It's all... ominous and.. and.. *hide*

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17 Nov 2004 22:29 #6726 by YoKu
Replied by YoKu on topic Re: Everything Under the Sun

Magic needs to be more involved.  People just go in and get it, collect spells like cards, and never really roleplay.

Yes, that is one problem that really bothers me. I am trying to come up with a solution that will prevent people from "collecting spells like cards" (Just a few of the ideas I have scattered around in my notes for the magic). It really makes me sick to my stomach to see an armored warrior with big swords and axes casting spells.

Magic is also "too friendly". There needs to be something like permanent "recall damage" on the players who cast magic and some other stuff that I wish not to discuss.

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19 Nov 2004 01:28 #6727 by khaos
Replied by khaos on topic Re: Everything Under the Sun
I can't say much about magic since I have yet to see it in my time here. (Or have I, I think I did, long, long ago.)

But I agree on the bit about theme. I played Armageddon for quite some time, it just didn't hold me that well. A bit impersonal or something, Idunno.

Anyways, I couldn't get on for sometime and when I did, I didn't feel the need to do so like in the earlier days. There are some things that I still don't know despite having played for a year (or was it two?) and that's alright. There are a few thingthings that I should know however that I don't, and maybe more. Who knows?

As far as creator goes, it sux but I can't consciously send an application when I only have access to the net for an hour or two a day.

Phooey. Anyways, uh, yah, I still like this mud best out of the ones I have played (which is a lot) but it could stand to see some improvement.

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