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29 Sep 2007 04:01 #1899 by Ritor
Write the rules! was created by Ritor

Well, the poll showed that the majority of the playerbase either liked the recent GM work, or believe it viable, but with flaws that need be ironed out. These flaws are under debate, so here what I propose for the playerbase to do.

First of all, read the help game_masters helpfile and then come up with your own version of it. Your own set of rules that you think would be best and more beneficial for the game and acceptable to you. Try to think it out in as much detail as helpfile aswell. If there is something in your experience that you did 'not' enjoy about GM interactions, try to come up with a rule that would allow GM interactions to exist, but would preclude whatever is it that you consider a 'flaw' in the system.

People are free to 'comment' on any set of rules proposed here, but try not to get into too much argument, unless propisng your own set of rules as a compromise.

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04 Oct 2007 08:41 #1900 by meemo
Replied by meemo on topic Re: Write the rules!
As a noob to AL, I am hardly qualified to dictate to the admins how to run their game - however, upon reading help game_masters, I found that Xotl had covered all the points of (what I think are) requirement quite well. I don't think it needs to be re-written, except perhaps for a more aesthetic looking file, or spelling his points out even more clearly than they already are.

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04 Oct 2007 09:48 #1901 by Lunar_Parhelion
The helpfile written by Xotl is good and covers almost anything that should occur between players and creator-run NPCs/animals in any given circumstance.

The GMs have been putting in a lot of work over the past week and a half working out the finer details of what a game-master should be and do; feedback is always appreciated, and I strongly encourage ANYONE who has had a bad experience (or even a really good one!) with the recent GM activity to mudmail or PM me. This will help us figure out where to go in our infancy.

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