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06 Oct 2007 00:53 #1867 by Shadowslay
"For the quality of owning freezes you into 'I', and cuts you off forever from the 'we.'" - John Steinbeck

On houses:

People are going to try and attain their own private property, for whatever reason. Even in a virtual world, it comes as instinctive to many, even, the strong desire to have ownership over someplace that can be called one's 'own.'

If the available methods come short, they'll try for the next best thing. This happens in AL. The wilderness is dotted with many permanent property items made, some custom decorated, some long abandoned, some still in use. They exist for different purposes; to store things without a shop, to grind skills in the middle of nowhere, sometimes... even the RP in owning one's own property.

Some of these places have been founded with the intent of being shared. I can't say the name of the city, but anyone who plays knows what I'm talking about when I say that there's one with numerous permanent structures barely any distance from it. In my experience, these places have made RP both easier and more difficult to find when many used them (easier for people who know where they are, harder for new people who're actually searching the cities).

The difference is that these places had become 'public RP' hubs, meant to be regularly attended by more than two or three people; I'd like to see more of these, not less.

As for private locales, people already go far into the wilderness, sometimes with one friend or two, to attain the same solitude they'd use a house for. Often the exact intention is to have a place where they can go and be alone, or with only invited players - not merely away from others, but RL hours' distance away from any place a player might conceivably go.

I would merely speculate that most of the people who consider a private home in AL valueable to them either...

A. already have their own place in AL, out in said middle-of-nowhere, or
B. want homes with lockable doors (not merely shops) primarily so that they can be safe, use the homes and sleep in them without people coming in and killing them, or stealing their items.

It may sound a bit ironic, because I do believe that AL would be a cooler place if people would just hunker down and chill out in a tavern or something every now and then, but the idea of private homes doesn't really bother me. I'm not ardently for it (wouldn't be bothered if they came out today or tomorrow or never), but I'm not convinced that they would worsen the status quo of finding players to RP with.

Self-induced player isolation and private RP locales exist now, and will continue to exist with the introduction of houses or without it.

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