The dreaded number two.

09 Oct 2007 02:28 #1844 by Ritor
I am still curious of an instance mentioned in #2. I myself am a new player somewhat, but I've developed a habit of 'trusting' the creators who are working in the game. I've developed this habit in 'another' game, so it's very possible that this one might very well be different.

At the same time ... I know of a 'very' human trait, which makes people 'suspect' others of cheating, being favourite of 'someone' or just have 'sooome' kind of totally 'unfair' advantage over them, should they appear to be ... having some kind of advantage. Now, I'm sure the instances of #2 happened, but ... did they really happen 'frequently enough' to really warrant a uhh ...a number? Would someone be able to perhaps mention some 'factual' events that would describe #2, whether they have or havent made people leave.

Note:the thread's an off topic branch of this one

Elaborations for the answers:

#1. Ranges from concerns regarding the lack of enough 'random' RP, to lack of major changes that alter the IC landscape of the game.

#2. Any IC creator involvement that lowers the enjoyment of the game; includes cheating, favoritism, and concerns over corruption in the ranks.

#3. Includes concerns over players being lazy/whiney/pessimistic, or other behaviors that are unproductive and problem-perpetuating.

#4. Includes concerns over how long it takes to get good at something, character ability when starting out, and
domination by those with the time to train skills.

#5. Concerns over a system which favors combat-characters over others, making other RP roles seem moot or impractical.

#6. Usually refers to players killing other players in lame or unjustified ways, but can include concerns of player-driven elitism and exclusion as well.

#7. Refers to any sort of new or long-held policy that creates restrictions outlawing actions by players or creators, that prevents things from gettng done.

(All of the answers are based off of speculations concerning opinions that may exist, and do not necessarily reflect views or suggestions of my own. I've tried my best to be inclusive over pretty much every opinion that's been represented at some point. But, since no one-sentence answer explains anything well, please cordially explain what you mean by your answer whatever your vote may be.)

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09 Oct 2007 02:35 #1845 by Ritor
Replied by Ritor on topic Re: The dreaded number two.
PS:Just a small story from armageddon you might find funny. Once, long ago there was a player who always played female characters. Pretty good ones I might add, the player played high scale prostitutes, high scale noblewomen, gritty female sargeants, slaves of various types, merchants, etc. The player played the characters so well, that one of the Immortals enjoyed the characters so much, he kept animating male vnpcs to just ... roleplay with her. He didnt give her goodies, or made stat boosts to the characters, but since 'many' animated vnpcs usually ended up being high ranked members of various organizations (vNPC head of a noblehouse, vNPC employers, vNPC leaders of criminal organizations, etc) her characters quickly gathered the 'clout' and 'influence' to become a 'very' important person. Then ... at some IRL Convention, both the player and the Immortal met and ... they're both male. Oddly enough, for some strange reason, that Immortal didnt play that much with that player anymore.

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09 Oct 2007 03:09 #1846 by Shadowslay
My personal opinion is that #2's worth consideration, but that complaints over it have often blown out of proportion (at least in the context of people leaving the game). I'm strongly biased in this position - and not merely because I'm a creator myself (since I've been one for hardly two weeks, now, if even that). I am told that there are evidenced accounts of this to the darkest extreme, but despite inquiries, have not been witness to them.

As a player, I've been the subject of both what would be called 'constructive' or 'destructive' creator RP - that is, creator RP that resulted in my having more RP opportunities and goodies, and creator RP that resulted in my rear end being handed to me in a disputably unjust manner. I hold no bitterness for the ladder and don't think myself to have been victimized in the slightest; I'm cool with it, and wonder if the same would be said of other parties present at the incident, some OOC years ago.

That said, I'm personally satisfied with the extent of my experiences with the creatorbase as a player. I put #2 on the poll because I know it'd get votes and the intention is to collect every opinion.

Anyway, thanks for keeping up the discussion.

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