Obstacles to AL's Growth

09 Oct 2007 01:56 #1837 by Ritor
Replied by Ritor on topic Re: Obstacles to AL's Growth
I voted against "emphasis on the grinder mud"

To be honest, it is from of 'that', do instances of "Players ruining the game for the others", "Too much emphasis on combat roles/dominance" stem from. Aswell as #6 mentioned in elaborations.

At the same time, while voting against "emphasis on the grinder mud" I disagree with its elaboration. I'm fine with it being 'hard', If that's the way creators want it done. I'm against the 'method' of improving of skills. A le ... mindless repeating of them and encouragement of those who sacrifice everything else to that very grinding.

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09 Oct 2007 02:10 #1838 by Alwyn
Replied by Alwyn on topic Re: Obstacles to AL's Growth
Ok, I'll throw in my two cents worth of information.  Here it goes.

Balancing for combat is a must, which is being worked on.  Yeah, it sucks to have your character who you've been spending a lot of time on crafting gets killed by some random person for seemingly no reason, but in the end, there will be ways to defend yourself without combat, just wait for it a little bit longer.

Creators generally only work as long as they are having fun.  When people continue to complain about something which has been beaten to a pulp, creators leave projects half finished to play, relax, or otherwise take a break, with no idea when or if they will return.

No matter what your perception of what the theme really is, you have no right to dictate it.  This is a roleplay intensive MUD.  Great, wonderful, terrific.  Ever consider the fact that some random guy walking in and killing your non-combatant character was a bandit or murderer who saw you as an easy target?  In real life, locks are not to keep the thieves out, but to keep the honest people honest.  Knowing how to handle yourself is the easiest way to stop the common misconception of "just because he's braman means he can't fight" and maybe having that one braman who can fight but chooses not to on a regular basis is a way to change that perception.  Would it be anti-thematic for every braman to do this, yes.  Would it be wrong for someone to take it on himself or herself to do this, I wouldn't complain.

If you see the game as not going anywhere, don't complain about it.  Help fix it or leave.  I'd rather loose ten players who are tired of the game, than to loose the next 50 newbies because all the old players are complaining about how the game runs, works or otherwise continues to exist.  Finding out the problem is a good step, dwelling on it festers the problem and pushes people away.  Unlike magnets and love, opposites don't attract.  If you love the game and enjoy playing, then the newer players will see the depth of enjoyment and strive for that enjoyment.  If you complain about it, they won't give us a chance.

Here is a great way to increase creator productivity, stop complaining.  Stop the petty drama and build the game the best way you know how.  If you have this awesome project that really needs work, then suggest it.  If it still doesn't get attention, apply for creatorship and fix it.  We need coders right now, know any?

Don't fester the problem, be the solution.

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09 Oct 2007 02:56 #1839 by Shadowslay
Well said. I'm of the opinion that information is a stepping stone to progress, and that if changes are to be made to achieve an end (ie; more players), then what's required is both knowledge of significant problems and the will to pragmatic solutions.

The sad thing is that pretty much every one of the issues we've talked about has been discussed in the context of finding a solution, and that proposed solutions have been made by myriad people, until the specific issues(and the search for solutions) have been themselves beaten to pulps. We know that the creatorbase can only work on so many things at once, and it's nice to hope that at some time in the future, it will be unequivocal as to what the playerbase wants.

I hope that no demoralization on a player or creator's part has resulted from this poll and its discussions. I for one would not mind if the forums were drowned with player representation of views and desires, as long as it was constructive rather than destructive (both to the MUD, and the people playing/working on it).

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12 Oct 2007 16:12 #1840 by Blakat
Replied by Blakat on topic Re: Obstacles to AL's Growth
To start, there are MANY things about this or that which piss me off about the game just like everyone else, a few of these things have pissed other people off in the past to the point that they quit the game; this does not mean they are issues that need to be resolved for our player base to grow.

In EVERY GAME there are going to be players cheating (which includes breaking ic/ooc barriers), creators abusing, favoritism, PK’s that are lame, players and creators being lazy, etc. etc. etc. BUT GUESS WHAT… those other games still grow!

There is a good chance that I’m wrong here, but my thoughts are this…

#1. We all need to keep voting
#2. We need to finish the ‘rumor’ system so the new players brought in by voting can find people to role-play with.


Some day we will have all the races available, all the skills available, tons of endless creator ran rpe’s, wolves to ride and command, potions to boil and over dose on, yada, yada, yada, yada. These things are contingent upon getting more players and keeping more players which will encourage and stimulate creators and future creators will be flooding in by the hundreds. :)

It’s really that simple.

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13 Oct 2007 12:22 #1841 by Mark
Replied by Mark on topic Re: Obstacles to AL's Growth

#1. We all need to keep voting

When I take the time to remind everyone regularly several times every day and give people a couple extra pokes and we get a good voting position, we start to get new players, and that means our playerbase goes up, usually by about 2-3 players a week. If I do this regularly for a couple months, usually 3-4 months, our playerbase usually becomes very healthy, so at present levels we could expect something like 100 or so per day. It was up to 140 per day at one point, actually.

But it seems the moment I stop, the playerbase goes down again, and it doesn't get regular maintainance by other folks to keep it going. Sure there are folks that help to remind, and that's appreciated, but it almost takes a dedicated person to lead the charge, for some odd reason.

Well, I maintain the machine, the core code (along with Kuzman who has recently returned), and the finances and I think that this is enough for one person. I rarely actually take time to play myself.

So hopefully one or more people can take on the role of AL cheer leader, or Public Relations leader, or whatever you want to call it and organize drawing folks into the game. It's a crucial role and is needed and requires a heck of a lot of dedication and people skills. You have to know how to push folks gently when they are lazy, but not push too hard, otherwise they tell you to sod off.

It's not an easy thing and requires dedication and persistance, but I'd love to see some takers.


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