The Creatures of [chat]!

02 Dec 2003 20:59 #5140 by The_Vorpal_Tribble
Thought I might have a bit of mindless fun and tell of the origins of the Vorpal Tribble and all that he can do. Please feel free to write your own chatter's sheet and post it, so we may know how to do battles with you (or know the futility of such).


Name: Vorpal Tribble

Phylum: Unknown

Gender: Male

Description: A vorpal tribble with extremely long, wildly writhing fur glistening with a metallic black sheen. He has no visible eyes, ears or appendages of any kind, resembling nothing so much as a great furry ball. However, nearly level with the ground is a gigantically gaping mouth full of row after row of inwardly curving, edged teeth. A large, mobile tongue flicks about excitedly and darts in and out of his mouth randomly.

Weight: 500 lbs.

Height: 3 feet

VT is able to digest anything carbon-based directly through his 'fur' without any ill effects.
The fur can change its outer layer to nearly any composition, including metalics, as well as changing in density and length at will, including monofilaments. The strong coat of muscle directly beneath its skin can move the fur in any way, form and fashion.

The mouth is boneless like the rest of the body, and can stretch open to fantastic dimensions. The teeth are much like a sharks in the ability to grow back continuously. The coat of mucous inside the mouth can protect it from even the most corrosive acids and spices, as well as extremes of temperature and radiation. Once exposed to air the mucous hardens, and coupled with the super-dense tissues inside can guard against many types of explosives and piercings. Once the material brought within the mouth has been brought to proper temperatures and acid levels it is swallowed. If the material is undigestible it is carried within to internal sacks and stored. This is where the raw materials for the fur's coating come from. The powerful muscles can generally crush and jellify nigh anything brough within the maw, and is therefore capable of powerful expectorations.

He has no ears or eyes, but its skin is so sensitive to vibrations that it can sense its surroundings such as bats and dolphins are capable, allowing it perfect vision even in pitch darkness.


Telekinesis: Though he is able to pulls himself along utilizing fur and muscle on his underside, he is far too massive to move faster in this way than the average human walk. This is hardly a liability however, for he is quite able of levitation of himself and other things of up to twice his body weight. Speed of telekentic movement depends on the weight of the object. Sand can be shot out with at near sonic speeds, while that approaching his weight limit can not be moved more than a couple inches per second.

Note: A Vorpal Tribble is a figment of your imaginations. He does not exist, except in your minds. I am such as dreams are made of.

Generaly resides within the hostile enviroment refered by him as the Undercouch. The Couch itself is a massive piece of furniture roughly the size of the country of Switzerland and height in access of several thousand feet. Its obscure origins have been lost to time and memory accept by its oldest inhabitant. Me.

Innumberal eons ago when the realm of the Creators was first being made, a couch was called into existence. A couch of such vast dimensions and comfort levels that even Xotl's posterior could sit in comfort. For millenia it was used and slowly but surely magic from the Creators soaked into it, though some speculate that that was just sweat and body oils. Evolution was sparked from time to time, and life grew within the sludge formed of the condiments, snacks and occasional softdrinks that had fallen beneath the cushions, or was kicked beneath the springs, for most were too lazy to even summon a maid. Creatures of all kinds eventually came to be. But the first, and by far the most vicious was, The Vorpal Tribble. Rising from the dorito-rich dust of the Undercouch and formed by the aimless auras of the great napping Eternals above, he took his first breath, and rapidly started to puke, caused by the smell of really really rancid cointhian leathers and rotting Cheetohs(TM). He has since been on a mission to refill his stomach and continues to this day.

Then finally, a female eternal with a sharp tongue demanded that a new couch be bought, and the Creator's Realm was redocorated and the old couch tossed out the backdoor.

The earliest recorded histories tell of a great flaming object that fell from above and landed with such force that it sunk several hundreds of feet. It took a thousand years for the tremors to subside, and several more for the local ecology to revive. But still there, always hungering, always wishing that he could stop smelling spoiled leather, lives the Vorpal Tribble.

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17 Jan 2004 03:08 #5141 by khaos
Replied by khaos on topic Re: The Creatures of [chat]!
There exist many peoples on many worlds in many universes in many planes. Each one is different in its own way, a life here, a death there. Some call these planes, universes, though that is not true. Each universe exists in each plane. Regardless. It matters not.

Differences abound between these planes, there is however always one constant. Him.

Some would call him a god, others an immortal, still others would deny his existence altogether. Whatever the case may be, he has a responsibility. The truth is that he exists, he lives. His name is Khaos. Lord and Master of Chaos and Disorder, though he finds that Chaos suits him better.

Chaos and Order are the true Yin and Yang of existence. Good can exist without Bad and Bad can exist without Good. Order, however, cannot exist without Chaos and Chaos cannot exist without Order. They are so thickly intertwined with one another that they are inseparable.

He exists in each plane taking on different roles, different lives, different responsibilities. But just as he is the one constant among the planes there is always a constant with him.

The eyes. Telltale eyes, green in color with flecks of fire thrown about. No matter what shape or form he takes, the eyes will always give him away. The eyes, just as he, always have and always will be.

Now he has come down to this plane of existence...

He most often takes the form of a normal male of the current sentient species in charge.

Current Appearance-
He is 5'11" and weighs 170 lbs. His hair changes with his mood, it can be long and flowing or short and spiky. He is most often found wearing a dark black robe of sorts, a mixture of trench coat and cloak.

He can change appearance, size, shape, and form at will, but doesn't do so often. (lazy punk ;))

He can also get out of any situation that certain peoples, like Namir, may throw at him.  ;)

“Chaos is not always Bad and Order is not always Good.”

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17 Jan 2004 08:24 #5142 by Luc
Replied by Luc on topic Re: The Creatures of [chat]!
Lady Eris called. She wants her job back.

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17 Jan 2004 11:05 #5143 by Tempus
Replied by Tempus on topic Re: The Creatures of [chat]!
After a few requests I decided to add my own to this.

Name: Tempus

Phylum: Oh, its so hard to choose, Lord of the rings part III was pretty good phylum.. >:) heh.

Gender: Male

Description: Standing at a reasonable height of five foot eleven inchs tall, he stands completely naked except for his clothes. He sports a long black robe and cowl, formed from the very fabric of time itself.. its kinda blue black.

he has blue eyes, not just blue of iris, but of the entire eye, which glows whenever he feels it justifiable. around about waist height a belt of a dark brown leather like material, which would turn out surprisingly to be leather, on which a small canvus bag hangs. This bag contains the time lint, indeed you thought it was a spelling mistake when he talked about the time lint, but no.. the time lint is the fluffy bits of time that come off everytime somone decides to see what happens when they shoot their own grandfather, then realising their error traveling back in time before their parents were born and shooting their grandfather. Indeed when these paradoxes occur, it can get very messy, and the resulting clean up from Tempus would leave a lint spare bit of temporal lint.

Normally maintaining a semi bemused expression at the creatures who he is forced to coexsist with, his attitude could at best be described as jovial, and witty. and at worst.. jerkish.

Weight: they say time weighs heavily, but at 180lbs its not all that heavy.

Height: 5' 11"

"Well, I dunno.. I guess I could always run down the shops for a packet of mints.."


"hello, my name is Sarcastro, and my super secret power is the razor sharp sting of sarcasm.. OOH theres a good super power.."

Time lint:

The temporal fluff from converging realitys, he collects it up, and then it can be respun putting recycled time into the universe, only to be used in the most important of circumstances, such as when he needs a lie in.

Temporal manipulation:

being the janitor of time, he has the ability to bend and control time as he deems nessesary, somtimes running it in reverse, or accelorating it dramatically in a localised area. Other times it may be somthing simpler, such as saving the time space continum as it is and if somthing goes wrong running the universal equivilant of "system restore"

Other dimentional manipulation:

in doing his duties he finds it somtimes nessesary to bend the other dimentions to his will, although he is less apt at it, and doesnt collect "width lint" or anything of the kind, he somtimes deems it nessesary to alter the structure of space to allow the flow of time to move more smoothly. Or he might just be bored and want to see what happens when he swaps the inside of your toilet for a crocodile pen.. Oh such funny jokes.


Rincewind "TREES CANT TALK, its very important you keep that in mind"
Two flower: "but you just hear--"
Rincewind: "look, its all down to simple biology, if your gonna talk you have to have the right equipment, like lungs, and lips, and.. and.."
Tree: "Vocal cords?"
Rincewind "yeah.. those"

When not hovering about fourty seven inchs off the ground in [chat] he inhabits a small pocket of folded space full of fallen timelines, and exstinct species, and doorways into places full of creature from beyond the dawn of time.. he keeps a hand sewn picture on the wall saying "home sweet home"

It is difficult to state the beginning of a creature from beyond time, so let us start with saying beyond time.. before time exsisted, he worked as a bar keep, serving up second rate beer to unscrupulus customers, but what with the universe coming into exsistance, a position became avalible for a temporalogical being such as himself to work. He quickly fell to the task.

Constructing time hadn't been as hard as you might think, but it was the maintainace that was hell, crashes in time, paradoxes, people trying to see if they really had free will, and doing a lot of unnessesary thinking all the time. Oh.. and watching kettles, he never forgived people for doing that, took him ages to find that flaw and fix it, but be assured, even if a lag is present still, if you watch the kettle it WILL boil.. he just had to stitch around that area.

unfortunaly while reparing a hole caused by what looked like by all accounts a flying police phone box, obviously a practical joke by the other universal forces, he accsidently sewed the hole shut from the wrong side, turning around to greet what looked like a small ball of fluff, and various other strange abnormal creatures. He smiled nodded and turned to leave before realising his error, Of course.. he could always wait until the end of time and go around the edge.. that wouldnt be too long.. would it?


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