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In speaking about the last meeting that was had by the players and creators many issues were brought up and voted on as to things players wanted most. The three of the top five list of new features wanted by players were Horses, Canoes and new races/cities realeased, maybe we could talk a bit on the progress of those items. Out of the 24 people that attended the last meeting this is what was voted on, 8 people voted for new races released, 6 people voted for boats, 5 people voted for buildable houses, 4 voted for more theme released and 1 person voted for more rp events. I know that a couple of these issues have been worked on and realeased but maybe we could get an update on the the progress of some of these other issues, not that its really any of our bussiness , but it would give us players sompthing to look forward to? Now I'm not complaining about anything that has been done or is being worked on, by no means am I trying to blame anyone for anything but maybe if we had regular meetings this would help to improve the Creator/player relationship.
I do realize that the creators need to be left alone to fix bugs, create new things and so forth but would it be such a bad idea to have meetings maybe once a month to help the players bond a bit more after all we are the AL family. IC I havent seen anyone in over a month that is very discouriging to newbies who need a bit of guidence IC. After all if it were not for Crimson and Karri, I doubt if I would have been here this long.

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