The lost writings of Enthres Tir

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"I've never been a man of words, but mother's voice has been ringing through me like poison on my lips. I can't find joy in smiles and my mind is beginning to loose feeling. I'll play the game to survive, for some reason my body wants to live, but it presses forward on its own motivation. Survival is nothing more than an instinct. Perhaps my thoughts still carry some hidden hope, and I wish they would tell me their secrets. Pain and my fast heart beat still give me some feeling, I crave it and I fight it. It is my only source to experience what I'm missing, what the others take for granted."

"I've never felt the warmth of Yuzla on my back like I do this night. She whispers to me questions of doubt, things I've never considered before. Is there a reason my life has cast down these times? Is there a reason this blood flows through my veins? Is fighting for the 'left behind' worth the lives of the few who bring a smile to my face? Those among me and those against me, have their owner purpose but somehow the curse of fear carried by my name has placed them in caution against my fight and against those I stand for."

History: Enthres Tir (pronounced TEAR) is the second son of Seris Tir and Dage Kalstro; the first being his brother Roghas Tir. Seris was the daughter of Warroth Tir.

Warroth Tir lived a short life, as the right hand to a cultist leader who followed and worshiped a demon god called the Tyrant Father. After Warroth died, Seris took up the faith although the cult itself had long perished. Seris (see Chronicles of a Demoness) was a much darker a soul than many who had ever walked Terrinor, and she claimed many lives as sacrfice to her demon lord during her life. She marrying the known bandit Dage Kalstro, and eventually gave birth to two sons. She threw them both into the norther Edran river in sacrifice and then swiftly ended her own life to join them in the afterlife. By a stroke of luck, the two boys survived, and grew up together in the port city Banzar. After Roghas' death in the Dark Temple, Enthres' sanity began to slip and the blood in his veins began to call him into the darkness which he so craved but pulled away from - knowing his own ethics and sense of justice through his nurture. Enthres was a known fighter and was a member of the Guardians during the reign of Danzelle Maleris. When the world found peace again after many years of conflict, Enthres found himself without purpose and this darkness consumed him. He eventually took his own life as well, following in what seems to be the curse of the Tir bloodline.

OOC NOTES: I found these two 'writings' in an old box from like 10 years ago during my recent move, and they never made their way into the ic world. Just thought I'd share.

Happy RPing everyone!
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