2020 Vision - where our amazing staff are at continuing to build a reality

16 Nov 2019 04:18 - 20 Nov 2019 23:38 #1671 by Amirani
We got a good momentum going into 2020.

As most of you know, we are fortunate to have Crius actively re-coding on the team. Circumstances permit him once again more freedom to keep an active eye on core code here. Crius has fingerprints all over lots of code in our late 90s and he is the one that built our wilderness :)

Decades of coding experience and a penchant for not tolerating bad code (think Gandalf with staff and sword in front of spagetti code), lots of under the cover cleanups and improvements. Over code 50 changes in the past few months and some cool things being brewed up to keep our lands accursed.

Virthe is also re-coding again and drafting out many plans to fix our hateful cabin saving code (anything that is permanent etc). Virthe is no stranger to Accursed Lands and has over 725 files in his wizard folder of tests, checks and plans to be hatched. When not busy reading our theme files and history to ensure things are congruent, he is attacking the big rock problems and chipping away at the odd bugs that are annoying. (He is the guy you thank for omote by the way!!!).

A stalwart on the team over the years, he has helped a lot of new creators get started and guide their season amongst us. He is working on some cool theme ideas for a new point of interest # :) Mapping out the complex flow of why things do what they do and adding sanity to these processes is really going to benefit our stability and foundation.

Another cornerstone of Accursed creator'ness. Kugra has released lots of cool theme, large chunks of new things to visit and see - hey he is the guy that made the alcohol effect more realistic!! Having done a lot of interesting things on the creator side for visualizing and understanding how things are has been important to keeping Accursed Lands what is is over the last decade.

Besides getting this website and forums back up, he is seeing if he can evade the blackblood and get our older <2008 forums up with a couple other surpirses up his sleeve.

Our latest addition to the amazing team of Accursed Lands creators, As wikipedia puts it the "red pill, representing a life of harsh knowledge, desperate freedom, and the brutal truths of reality," - he took it and now has joined the ranks of those that see under the hood of Accursed Lands and will never see the world the same again; thanks for joining the team.

Gly has a strong sense of what needs to be fixed for a better item balance, practical thinking about proposed and past changes.


Creators currently dreaming of reality
A super huge thank you for the over five years of keeping the mud running, of goal keeping, of fixing bugs, the whole setup of 2012 (after our server crashed in December 2011), keeping our social media running.

A true get it done kind of person with over 166 implemented changes to items, cooking - did I say cooking, he has helped kept the lights on with DrFragment the very long last while! He's been with AL since forever and is a good guy.

She graciously gave some between things along with@Faendy to do a HUGE amazing cleanup and many improvements, tweaks and fixes.

We were lucky to get him in between things and he cranked out the amazing visual coloring in our wilderness survey, taking into account moons and seasons!

Lots of item tweaks, seller tweaks and typo squishing - thanks for this!

Thanks for helping kick off the 2012 relaunch with you learning the code, releasing theme and overall adding to the fun of Accursed Lands.

Thanks for helping the relaunch as well, with core code and cool code.


When you start naming names, you surely mis-remember and forgetfully forget someone in the mix - I appologize in advance.

Woke from a dream
I finally have a break in craziness 2015-2019 and have slots to devote to nudge Accursed Lands into its mid twenties!
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