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13 Apr 2016 03:23 #1628 by Daedalus
Hola! I've made this post for the rest of the community to throw in any help files they'd like to see tweaked or (if it's missing entirely) to be created. I will be happy to turn around and tweak/create said files, get them to our wonderful creators, and hopefully (hopefully) make their job easier.

Interested? Here's how you can help:

1. Make sure the help file you're thinking of hasn't already been suggested in the replies below! The more we can cut-out repeats, the more goody we can kick out. :)

2. Find any subjects or topics that you feel are missing help files, or should be re-worked. Please include precisely WHAT information you feel is missing, and or how the file could better assist you (or a brand-new player).

3. If there IS an already existing file suggested, but you can think of something to add to it, please reply to that person's post (so we can try to keep things organized). I'll give each post several days - a week in the off-chance someone thinks of something else to add, before submitting the suggestions for approval.

Past that, get those help searches going, and have fun! :D
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13 Apr 2016 03:35 #1629 by James
The Commands help file does mention all commands, though I
highly doubt new players are going to look through every single command. It
wouldn't hurt to reference some overlooked helpful commands beyond the basics like contemplate, analyze and recall in maybe the crafting
help file. Also, survey is important, and
scavenge is easy to overlook, both of these commands I feel should be in the newbie help file.

By contemplate, analyze and recall being mentioned and WHY they are helpful, in the crafting help file, players interested in crafting will have a better idea of how to use these commands so they can learn the crafting basics easier in absence of a mentor or experienced player. Scavenge and survey are important commands in general and can be easily overlooked if you haven't studied the entire Commands help file (so, most new players). Presenting important information to new players as easily as possible will give them a better impression of the MUD, and they won't resort to trying to ask very specific and not kosher questions in OOC, like how to craft certain things, because they don't know about the contemplate or recall commands.

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14 Apr 2016 02:06 #1630 by Daedalus
I'll see what I can do on the Commands help file, and I'll see about perhaps adding a small snippet on contemplate, analyze, and recall to the crafting help file, as well. I'll post it here, when I'm done.

The thing I'm trying to avoid at all costs, is to become redundant, as there's no real need to have features listed multiple times in multiple help files (I could see it having the potential of further confusing new players).

Anyway, as mentioned, I'll see what I can come up with, and when it's finished, I'll post the draft up here. :)

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