to an interactive novel in which the twists and plots are brought to life from people around the globe; a place where fiction takes form into a new reality.

The surface teems with bustling settlements, the skies are as vast as the oceans deep, and the immense underworld holds many mysteries. Whether you shall live for thrills, fortune and power, or the satisfaction of a finely honed craft, the rich textual environment detailed here allows you to shape the world to your will. You can found a homestead, an empire, or perhaps a personality only spoken of in whispers.

 With some of the most sophisticated features available in a multi-user domain, we host one of the most immersive roleplaying experiences available anywhere today. Within the confines of a subtly gothic medieval environment, we welcome you in to play a main character in the unfolding story; to open the pages of this book and enjoy the story unfolding within.

 Our community consists of aspiring or accomplished authors, actors, adventurers, administrators and analysts.

 Feel free to explore our web pages, then 'telnet mud.accursed-lands.com 8000' to begin.